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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fascinating Analysis of the Brady versus Manning Era

Photo of November 2007 SI Cover by J M Gadoury

 What follows is hands-down, the most comprehensive, insightful, intuitive article about the Brady-Manning era I have ever read.

Are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Cheating? by Bill Simmons, Grantland.com

My only criticism is the title, which was at least half-admittedly, an effort at search engine optimization.  In my view, the title is unnecessary and distracting, if not effective in getting a large audience to read an otherwise masterful article.

I enjoy articles that create spinoff sports debate and discussion.  This one frames years of debate, both past, present and future.

There are several points of particular interest to me. One, is Mr. Simmons theory about sibling rivalry and the influence of place in the pecking order. Second, the leadership versus success dynamic when contrasted with a "take charge" personality compared with a "let live" personality.  Third, the entire analysis of the Patriots versus the Colts/Broncos approach to team building around a leader.

There is so much to study and discuss here.  I think Bill Simmons said it all very well.