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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Entrepreneurship: Promoting Products I Believe In

(Just a heads up - I wrote this post to shamelessly talk about my business opportunity. Since I have uniquely woven my business with my life, this is natural for me and hopefully informative for you.  Read on.)

Years ago, Victor Kiam, former owner of Remington shamelessly advertised that he loved the performance of his shaver so much, he bought the company.

Today I am Kiam.  A few years ago, I sampled a variety of nutrition and skin care products.  And I not only bought the products, I bought my own company to share the products with the world.

The name of my distribution company is Gadoury Global.

My products are manufactured and delivered by Amway and include leading brands such as Artistry, Nutrilite, XS Energy, Ribbon Gifts, Legacy of Clean, and Satinique.

Yes, it is true that I make money every time my customers buy these products. But I also make money every time I personally USE these products.  And if I closed my distribution company tomorrow, I would continue to buy and use these products because they are my trusted brands.

What is so great about these products? Well, follow the links to each brand above, particularly Nutrilite and Artistry, and you will see world class, patented science supporting these brands.  My skin acts and feels younger.  My overall nutrition is improved.  My knees don't ache anymore.  I lose weight faster.  I feel less hungry.  My blood sugar is controlled. My workouts are more productive and I have a burst of energy to build to new levels.  My house and laundry are cleaner with no harmful chemicals.  Those are just the facts.

I firmly believe if you are like me, and you compare me in 2009 before I started using these products, and literally months after, you would have the same experience.

I know.  Shameless self-promotion.  But it is my blog.  It is my experience.  And if I told you the time of day, the current weather in Richmond, Virginia (it is snowing), or my review of the latest movie, my word is the same.  I love my Amway products.  And millions world wide do too.  In fact, Amway global sales exceeded 11 billion for the 2nd year in a row.

If you stop reading now, the information I just shared is as good as it gets.  I would be pleased to serve you as one of my clients.  I would serve as your consultant and personal tour guide to a customized blend of products designed to suit your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.  But if you keep reading, the information gets better. There is another reason I love my Amway products.

Amway was founded as an opportunity for business-minded people to start their own business and earn extra income outside of and in addition to their full-time job. When I use my Amway products, I get paid a portion of the marketing and advertising dollars that are incorporated into the cost of products you and I already use every day.  I like to refer to this as revenue-sharing or endorsements. The Amway Business Opportunity has resulted in the payment of more than 40 billion dollars in bonuses over the years.

You have the same opportunity that I had a few years ago. Experience Amway for some basic facts about what I did.  I have a law degree and a background in financial services.  I had zero expertise in owning a marketing business or endorsing skin care and nutrition products.  But I partnered with an Amway-accredited team of business experts, Leadership Team Development, and I immediately gained access to trainers, mentors and coaches that had already built successful businesses.

My business team has a global reach and I can help you form your own business, build your business and expand your business where ever you live.  Every tool I use in my business is available on my smartphone. In fact, I use my phone to access a mobile application that introduces you to my team. I would be happy to share that free application with you.  If you prefer, you can find out more about my team through my networking website, G3Dream.  You will need to contact me so I can give you a unique username and password for custom access.

Promoting products and a business I believe in is extremely satisfying.  But even Victor Kiam understood that people who prefer straight razors may not be the best customer for his electric shaver.  My products and business may not be right for you.  Yet, how will you know?  Contact me.  You can try the Amway products risk free.  We have a firm money-back guarantee.  Even our business model has a 90 day risk free guarantee.

Good news for small business owners and entrepreneurs is emerging from the struggling U.S. economy.  Statistics suggest that consumers are shopping online more than ever and are increasingly accepting the benefits of person-to-person marketing.  This means that personal credibility, satisfaction guarantees, and genuine quality is more important than ever.  It means that if you are not promoting a product you believe in, you will not be promoting for very long.

Nothing feels better than knowing when you have arrived at the right place, at the right time.  For me, Gadoury Global powered by Amway is the place, and now is the time.  That is the product I believe in and hope that you will too.

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